Contact A Food PR Agency About Your Brand Marketing

Contact A Food PR Agency About Your Brand Marketing

Which of these leads to you select one food product instead of another?

  • Well known and trusted brand name.
  • Quality expectations being fulfilled.

Prices play an important part in the sales process but brand awareness and trust are integral to success and consumers making repeat purchases across the product range.

Consumers are unlikely to have the time or commitment to do research to find out whether they should trust or be wary of your products; they want and need to be able to make a simple effective choice which benefits them.

Brand marketing is essential. The brand name and logo – your identity – is representative of the company’s place and purpose within the market.

It should be made strong enough that when a new product is launched the brand will sell it or when the consumer has tried one product from the range and enjoyed a positive experience it creates the confidence in another product’s value to them. The first product choice essentially informs the second one via its quality and satisfaction levels.

Consider how you feel about a cheap supermarket’s own brand cereal compared to a farm shop’s cereal and how you would expect a certain standard of food from a 4*restaurant whilst a fast food restaurant won’t create the internal demand for top quality.

When consumers see a well-known and well marketed brand they know what to expect from it.  Would you prefer to purchase from a big-name cola brand with a logo you recognise or a drink from an unknown brand that was 20p less expensive?

Speaking to professionals at a food and drink PR agency can create or alter your brand marketing strategy for maximum visibility, cost effectiveness and a positive reputation.

Don’t try to undertake PR work alone; you may over or under sell to the wrong markets, waste time and resources or take the least beneficial course. Place your faith in experienced brand marketing consultants at a reputable food PR agency like Ceres PR.

Their food and drink PR team learn about you, your business and products in depth so that they can effectively market your brand with your core aims and ethos as key elements.

The food PR specialists will employ the best brand marketing tools and target the right consumers but the product range itself must meet the expectations created by the PR campaign. If a 2* hotel markets itself as having 5* facilities the negative reaction and a reluctance to believe in the brand deliver long term ramifications.  Therefore, the firm needs to be proactive about quality and retaining consumer confidence too.

 Food PR agency specialists utilise all viable routes for B2C (and B2B) communications:

  • Digital media, including social media.
  • Creative in house produced video advertising and infographics.
  • Content marketing.
  • Other appropriate activities, e.g. news generation or crowdfunding.

Your brand deserves to be known and admired, contact a food PR agency about reaching your greatest audience with an excellent brand marketing campaign.