Stamp out unnecessary expense.

Stamp out unnecessary expense.

  • Is your business still using stamps?
  • Could your mailroom and post procedures be refined?
  • Would you like to know how to save money and time?
  • Do you want to feature promotional messages on your post?

Rental franking machines represent a cost effective, time efficient solution so a mailroom that is leaking money can be plugged and the profits and resources maximised.

Franking machine hire is not as expensive as you may believe or complicated. Contact companies like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston for informed services.

Royal Mail is proactively trying to shift business owners towards franking machines. They are making them an ever more attractive proposal.

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The top rated models are Smart franking machines and their Mailmark service is the most economic option.

With a rental franking machine you should save money quickly. Franking prices are better than stamps.

Franked mail looks professional. There are no askew stamps only printed data. A client can discern a lot just from appearances. Which do you think looks more creditable?

The mail processing will be quicker via a franking machine. Franked post is treated as business mail and efficiency is maximised. Post doesn’t take its chances in the mainstream mail system.

You can claim back VAT on Smart franking machines whether you buy or hire.

Every firm has to allow for advertising expenses to thrive but you can advertise for free by incorporating company names, logos and slogans on franked mail by programming the franking machine.  E.g. ABC LTD’s sale now on!

Anyone who comes into contact with your items of mail will see the message and even subliminally absorb it.

Rental franking machine supplies can be bought online usually through the company you hire the franking machine through.  If you buy the franking machine you can source supplies easily and look for offers between stockists.

A rental franking machine’s credit can normally be re-credited online 24/7.

You can’t tear the electronic funding on a franking machine but you can tear stamps. Torn stamps equal wasted expenditure.

Franking machines are lockable so only designated users can access facilities.

Management and reporting tools are time effective and simple to use.

Hire of a franking machine shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary expense because it can save a lot of money which can then be ploughed back in to your core business interests.

Here are some excellent illustrations of savings using current postage prices:

1000 items of second class standard size under 100 grams franked mail costs: £400.
1000 items of second class standard size under 100 grams stamped mail costs: £550.

Instant saving of £150 plus there’s free advertising and business generated via professional mail appearance with franking.

500 items of first class large letter of 250 grams franked mail costs: £470.
500 items of first class large letter of 250 grams stamped mail costs: £600.

This is a saving of £130 plus the other benefits highlighted above. Hire a franking machine and start saving now.