Can you help me with car safety tips? I’m new to driving, (teenager)

Can you help me with car safety tips? I’m new to driving, (teenager)

As a teenager, Loyola Insurance encourage you with these, when you drink, don’t drive when you drive, do not drink. Also, buy cars that have high safety features, this will help to avoid body accident and moreover, always try as much as you can to improve on your driving skills. 

Can receive ticket due to over speeding increase my car insurance premium?

It depends on lots of factors such as your car insurance company policy, you’re driving records, and you’re age just to mention but few. But you should be aware that receiving a ticket due to over speeding can lead to a higher rate.

Your car insurance firm takes a lot of things into consideration to access this. The Loyola insurance advice is this; obey the driving rule of sticking to the required speed limit. Plan your journey so that you don’t over speed trying to get to your destination. This will help avoid these car tickets.

How do I know am charge the right insurance premium?

Basically, one of the ways you can do that is to understand your car insurance policy, what you are entitled to and your coverage. Mastering these will go a long way on educating you on what car insurance rate you have to pay. Others ways are shopping around to have an idea of estimates of the rates you have to pay and coverage, Loyola insurance company is highly recommended for teens. Also, ask your insurance company or agent by contacting their customer’s service or helpline.

What causes an increase in car insurance rate?

There are lots of factors contributing to this, take for instance if your auto insurance company have lots of its client involved in an accident have laid claims, that may result to high premium. If there has been increasing in car theft especially on the type of car you are driving, it may lead to higher cost in some insurance companies.

High car cost and maintenance can also lead to a higher insurance premium. Also, high labor cost on the part of an insurance company can also lead to it. Even though you have not been involved in an auto or car accident, other customer’s activities in the company can affect you.

Can you explain car insurance deductible?

This is a certain sum of money you have to remit to your insurance company towards a claim before your car insurance company starts to pay. It works in the following way, if you claim may be $1600 on an accident and your car insurance policy have $500 deductible, it means you have to pay the $500 while your insurance company pays $850. You should also note that paying a higher deductible may reduce your premium depending on the car insurance company.

When I sell my car to someone, what should I do ?

When you sell your car to another party or body, you should contact your car insurance company as quickly as possible. You can contact them via their customer’s service phone number, internet or head to their office to inform them. While contacting them, you have to inform them if you will be transferring your car insurance policy to another car, cancel it or suspend it.

It is an issue you have to sort out with your car insurance company. This will mean that if the person that you sold your car have not arranged for insurance and had an accident, it will not affect you since you have to cancel the policy. You should also report the sale of your car to the authorities set up by the government for them to stop sending road tax or related fees to you.

Am I going to pay premium if my car is stolen?

First and foremost, check your car insurance policy on what is stressed when your car is stolen. Car insurance premium is not paid when your car is stolen. But you have to contact the police, to file a report, contact your insurance company for them to be aware. However, when your car is recovered, also contact your insurance companies to sort this out.

My car was hit by someone on my back which made me hit the vehicle in front of me. Am I  responsible for the person I hit his vehicle?

It goes this way; the person who hit you from the back is responsible for your car while you are responsible for the person in front. However, you should always contact the law enforcement agent as well as your vehicle insurance company if the person you hit demands. Your car insurance company will consider many factors before paying any claims.

Explain Subrogation for me?

Subrogation mainly happens when your car insurance company charges back other insurance companies or the person you had an accident with. Let take an example, you are traveling and was involved in a car accident which was not your fault. A claim was filed against you which your car insurance paid out. Later, your vehicle insurance company noticed that the car accident you are involved in is not your fault and the person you had the crash with also have car insurance coverage.

Your car insurance company then approaches the car owner you’re involved in an accident with for reimbursement. That is called subrogation. The reverse can also happen when the accident was your fault.  If the accident is partially your fault, you will pay a portion of the claim. I do hope this gives you an idea of what subrogation is.

Can car insurance company look into my credit score before contacting me?

Yes, in many states and countries, they are allowed to view your credit score so far as you provide them with your information like name, national insurance number, date of birth and your other personal data. However, in doing this, there are reasonable procedures they have to follow in other to enhance confidentiality, accuracy and effective utilization of such data in a way that is not harmful.

There are state insurance laws and even credit reporting act that stress how to handle these data collected. But many car insurance companies are always careful when handling your credit history or rating.

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