What Is The Meaning Of Notarized Translation?

What Is The Meaning Of Notarized Translation?

For the translation of any essential document, people hire qualified translators all over the world for a better translation of their work. For example, In Thailand, a person needs to search Translation service near “”Silom” (รับแปลเอกสาร สีลม, which is the term in Thai) because according to them, they find the best translation services over there.

Notarized translations are required for educational documents such as transcripts from high school or foreign diplomas. Every self-proclaimed translator will take their work to a public notary, swear an oath to its accuracy and sign an affidavit. The consistency of the language isn’t the question with notarized translations. It’s more about following one institution’s formal requirements.

How To Notarize A Translated Document?

Translator service may be performed by a notary public. If a customer goes to a notary’s office to order a translator and the notary public is professional in translation, so they can translate the document. When a notary public translates a foreign document, it is necessary to take the document to the next notary to have it notarized. Notary publics may translate documents for customers in some countries, although not in an official capacity.

Which is The best Translation service?

The criterion today is very concrete. You may apply either a licensed translation or a notarized translation. There are no instances where you would have to submit both of these.

A few years ago, the Immigration department needed both of the translation, but now the rules have changed, and you can use any one of them for the submission of immigration documents.

Sometimes a certified translation is required. Notarizing an accredited translation in this situation means introducing another and document to the criteria. Before applying for immigration, make sure to check again and again, what sort of translation is required because in most of the cases, the only certified translation is considered enough.