Drive England’s Most Beautiful Holiday Road Trips In Your Minibus

Holiday Devon

Currently, the cost of travelling on flights or trains has increased considerably. Therefore, it might be inconvenient when you’re planning to travel with your family during the holidays. However, don’t be disappointed yet, when travelling with a large group of people, driving is also a good way to travel. Although, it might be a bit uncomfortable especially when a lot of people are crammed into one car but there are many ways to make it fun.

Did you know that there are many areas in England which you can see by road? You can actually travel by minibus and get to see all these amazing places.

If you want to enjoy these and many more spectacular places in the English countryside, you should get your minibus driving license first.   Places such as Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training can help you with that. Then, you’re good to go.

Bring your friends or family with you and enjoy the breathtakingly scenery together. Here are some amazing holiday destinations you should consider.

1. The Cotswolds

It’s one of the best places to take your family on a holiday trip with endless meadows, rolling hills and quaint historic villages. Driving there will be effortless and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way as you drive up in your minibus or car. Once you reach the destination, you can enjoy the long walks, visit the village puts and cherish the country life just a short distance from the city.

2. The Yorkshire Dales

Commonly referred to as ‘God’s own country’ the Yorkshire Dales live up to their nickname. There are expanses of untouched greenery and dramatic landscapes. It’s a place where you can breathe and get away from the busy city life. You can settle for the peaceful walks, quaint villages, and charming farms. Even better, dry stone walling is something you can consider.

3. The Lake District

Every year, lots of families visit the Lake District to enjoy the amazing lakeside views. You can take an amazing swim in the lake or enjoy the scenic roads and hills through the area, a very fantastic driving experience. Well, the weather might be a bit shaky but you will not miss out on the views. Even better, enjoy a good camping experience on any of the magnificent sites where you can get away from everything and let the hours slip away sailing or swimming.

4. Devon & Cornwall

Are you hoping to go for a trip down the south? Well, there’s no better place to go than Devon & Cornwall coast. You can enjoy a slightly warmer weather than any other area in the country that comes with amazing sandy beaches. It’s a good way to walk away from the busy city. You can enjoy the greenery including tree varieties not available anywhere else in the country because of the tropical climate. You can also enjoy the nearby fishing villages or go cycling in the countryside.

5. The Peak District

Just as the name suggests, the Peak District is made up of hilly peaks including the Dark Peak found in the North as well as the moorland. Also, there’s the White Peak found in the south with limestone valleys and many villages and towns. Enjoy the dramatic treat of driving around in the Peak District with the amazing views from the nearby national park.