Introduction to the Monti Bristle Blaster

Introduction to the Monti Bristle Blaster

The Monti Bristle Blaster is available to purchase at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, SFEG.

What is the Monti Bristle Blaster?

The Monti Bristle Blaster is a hand-held tool which is used for surface preparation and is often used in place of conventional grit blasting processes.

The bristle blaster is the only hand-held tool to achieve surface cleanliness of SA 2.5 – SA 3.0. It also produces a similar surface quality that is comparable to surfaces that have been grit blasted.

How it works

The innovative bristle blaster is one of the easiest tools to use, here’s how the process works:

It has a specifically designed rotary bristle tool which achieves corrosion removal and anchor profile. The rotating bristles are dynamically tuned to power the tool and these operate at 2,500 rpm.

When the dynamically tuned bristles approach the corroded surface, there is an immediate reaction from the bristle tips. Instead of using grit blast media, the bristle tips strike the surface with kinetic energy and this creates textured, visual cleanliness.

After this, the bristles retract from the surface to reveal a fresh surface – effectively removing corrosion or markings, ready for repainting.


There are many different applications that the Monti Bristle Blaster can be used for, including the removal of corrosion, coating or mill scale. The bristles work to restore the surface – meeting DIN EN ISO 8501-1.

Another reason why the bristle blaster is so popular is that it can be used to generate surface texture or anchor profile. It has a roughness capacity of 40-120 microns and can be used when blasting isn’t suitable.

The Monti Bristle Blaster is also great for spot repairs, touch-up jobs and weld-seam preparation as it creates an etch which allows for a new coating of paint.

Other uses of the bristle blaster include bridge refurbishments, fabrication of marine vessels and ship repairs – making it suitable for hydraulic engineering, offshore and pipeline construction.


Offering many benefits, the Monti Bristle Blaster is considered a useful tool for many different industries – could it benefit your industry?

The blaster is ATEX approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and is designed to be light and ergonomic – operating with minimal fatigue.

Using the bristle blaster will improve the integrity of the surface. It generates compressive strength which in turn, provides crack growth resistance. It’s also renowned for improved fatigue life and corrosion resistance.

The bristle blaster from SFEG is suitable for various surfaces as it provides excellent mobility. As well as this, it prevents surface damage and heat marking – providing negligible heat generation.

Requiring little energy to perform, the Monti Bristle Blaster is one of the eco-friendly tools SFEG provide. It uses no hazardous materials which makes it safer for those using it and the environment.

Unlike other tools for surface preparation, the bristle blaster offers low vibration and noise levels. Bristle blasters, like this one, don’t require expensive PPE clothing either– suitable work clothing and gloves are acceptable.

In terms of efficiency, it’s one of the most dependable tools for surface preparation. Without the need for complex or costly abrasive equipment, the Monti Bristle Blaster is guaranteed to save you money and eliminates the need for you to recycle contaminated abrasives.

The blaster is a long-lasting tool that’s available in electric and pneumatic variations and enables continual work.

To find out more about the Monti Bristle Blaster, contact SFEG today and they will be more than happy to help.