Questions That Are Asked Frequently about Foundation Repair

Questions That Are Asked Frequently about Foundation Repair

Problems in your foundation can lead to severe structural damage to your house. Whether you are a prospective buyer or a homeowner, the mention of foundation problems is scary, and it is probable that you have a lot of questions about the issue. Lucky enough, there are multiple ways in which you can repair your damaged concrete foundation without having to start from scratch by tearing it down. In this article, we will strive to answer the question that most homeowners ask regarding concrete foundation.

What are the causes of foundation problems?

Foundation movement and settlement that may need an urgent repair can be caused by building in improperly compacted, compressible fill soils or expansive clay. Another leading cause is the improper maintenance of these foundations. Homes that have been around for a longer time are more susceptible to experiencing problems with their foundation. This is precisely older homes in the southern region of the US which includes cities like Dallas and Houston Texas. Regardless of the cause of this problems, settlement can render a structure unsafe and degrade their value. You should not delay getting the settlement problem solved whenever you identify any signs of foundation distress. The longer you wait, the more expensive your repair will be as the foundation is more likely to sink causing unprecedented damage.

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How to know that you have foundation problems

With time, all foundations will settle. However, problems will start to emerge whenever the settlement is extreme or uneven. The following are the signs that you may have a problem with your foundation.

  • Cracked or uneven floors
  • Walls that are broken either on the inside or outside
  • Windows or doors that will not close properly after the foundation has settled
  • Separation around windows, floors or doors
  • Cracks that are utterly visible on your floor
  • Cracked or displaced moldings
  • Gaps between the floor, walls or the ceiling.

Who can fix my foundation problems?

Whether you home have experienced a foot-deep sink or just a few inches, seeking the help and services of a building contractor is essential. Any reputable construction contractor such as foundation Repair San Antonio will give you the options available and how best to fix your foundation problems. Whenever you have doubts about any of the signs we have highlighted above, contact a building professional to ensure that the problem does not extrapolate or become a threat to your safety.

Which is the best foundation repair method?

There are two primary methods of how your sunken concrete foundation can be lifted: slab jerking and piercing. Piercing fixes the concrete foundation by putting supports underground that supports and lifts the concrete. On the other hand, slab jerking normally has space under the slab filled with a mixture of grout that reinstates the foundation slab back its former position. With the help and advice from a professional, you will be able to determine which repair method best suits your specific situation.


Issues of slab settlement can cause any homeowner untold miseries. They may be very expensive to repair and can be a hazard to the safety of its occupants. Identifying such problems early and contacting a professional will not only reduce the cost of repair but also guarantee your safety.