Revalue Your Pawnbroking Loan Chances with Your Second Hand Jewellery


How do you keep your treasured items after many years and still realise their worth? You never have to lock your second hand jewellery up in your home when you can get professional pawnbrokers who specialise in giving you excellent value (in cash) for your earrings, engagement rings, bracelets and more.

At Hopkins & Jones, we value your jewellery and provide instant and friendly services involving pledges and loans. In this article, we will help you understand how reliable and easy this process can be.

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  • What is Interesting about Second Hand Jewellery?

Jewellers often buy second hand jewellery to sell them at a more profitable price. However, the edge you enjoy with pawnbrokers is that even though you may not get it at near its purchasing price, you will get 40-80% of your original cost. Certain variables are involved in determining the value of old jewellery, and these include uniqueness, aesthetics, materials and original store. So, if you are bent on parting with your jewellery, it is important to keep an open mind.

The case with second hand engagement rings or any other jewellery is about the same as that of cars. To know the value of a car, its make, model, year and mileage are vital. When you know enough about a second hand piece, you can prepare your mind to get an impressive loan with it. Now, this is where pawnbrokers come in.

  • Why Pawnbrokers can Revalue Your Second Hand Jewellery

Second hand engagement rings, for example, get the best appraisal based on the auction. At such auctions, it is a lot easier and safer to know what the potential buyers are saying. Visit a pawnbroker who can give you an amazing deal and in excellent time. The beauty of pawn shops is the speed. So when you cannot wait to get the cash you direly need, get into that number-one pawnbroking store and get started.

Our London-based pawnbroking store prioritises the rarity of your jewellery, its intrinsic worth, and its price. Likewise, we pay close attention to the owner as well and confirm the value based on auction results.

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  • Second Hand Engagement Rings and Pawnbroking

If you ever wonder what people pawn to get pawnbroker loans which aid funds and finances, it is intriguing to mention the most common thing – engagement rings. Since ancient Rome, engagement rings with diamonds have always had more significance and drawn more attention from couples who were committing to each other. With time, rings made from gold and other materials were introduced, and their values have never ceased to rise. As you must pledge when taking a loan from pawnbrokers, it is needful that you leave collateral that is of greater value. Hence, with a second hand engagement ring, you can secure a loan without any hitches.

Central London enjoys the various advantages that our pawnbroking services offer them. Not only do you access cash funds with ease but also get to appreciate the worth of your precious jewellery. Our valuers do not just focus on weights and measures; they give you the best prices for your valuable items. We check colour, clarity, cut, and carat, and recognise every document that raises the value of your diamonds.