The Secret to Using Online Reviews to Increase Conversions

Shoppers like to justify their purchase decision, which is why they will leave your website and look for reviews of your business before hitting the Buy It Now button. Depending on your industry, consumers will look at Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List or one of the many other review websites online. Unfortunately, people get sidetracked and they may not return to your website. While positive reviews will boost your conversions, you have to keep visitors on your website. You worked hard to get good reviews; you even make it easy for them to write reviews directly on the review websites with online reputation management tools.


Besides making it easy for your visitors to read reviews of your business, you appear trustworthy when you post reviews on your site. Consumers are wary of reviews without any third-party verification; the reviews are more like testimonials in this case. Building trust increases conversions, which is the goal of asking customers to review your business.

Embedding Reviews

Embedding reviews on your website makes it easy for visitors to read reviews from third-party websites, without leaving your site.

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Yelp provides a way for business owners to embed their reviews directly on their website. If you place your cursor over a review, you will see an option on the left to embed the review, directly below the share review option.


You can place a Facebook review on your website, but you have to do it one review at a time. Have the review show on a single page by clicking on the date. Access the drop-down menu and select more options and then choose embed post to get the HTML code to place on your website.


If you have a WordPress website or blog, you can place a free widget on your site that shows your visitors the Google + reviews that you have earned.


TripAdvisor offers a free HTML widget to show off reviews of your business. Go to the websites Widget Center and then copy the HTML code and paste onto your site. The widget automatically updates, so keep up the good work to keep the positive reviews flowing.

Other review websites may also allow you to embed reviews as well. Search for “embed review on website” to find the HTML code.

Review Frequency

Get as many customers to review your business as possible; a single outdated review makes your business appear to be failing. Multiple reviews offer a more reliable portrayal of your organization. Additionally, multiple reviews furnish the social proof that will persuade visitors to convert.

Finally, select one review website that is relevant to your sector and their reviews on your site. Visitors will get bogged down reading reviews if you include more than one or two review site’s reviews on your website. Visitors will convert if they see three or four positive reviews, however, if they want to read additional reviews; let them know about the additional sites where customers have posted reviews.