Tips for a More Effective Daily Scrum

Tips for a More Effective Daily Scrum

The primary purpose of daily Scrum meetings for the team members is to make them get committed to their daily commitments. They also work to enable the team members to work towards having a shared sprint commitment. If you have an unfocused daily Scrum meeting or one that is often ineffective, let us look at the following tips to get it back working again.

1. Work on it around the task board

You can engage your team members to start talking and engaging with stories that are highlighted on the task board. Ensure that they always talk about their work and nothing else. These are the reason why they will be kept focused and make it obvious when the talk remains unrelated to the commitment at work. The sprint should always linger in the minds of the team members to ensure they get it right.

2. Change the Questions

One word can change everything. For this reason, know what to tell them to keep them agitated towards working rather than losing their morale to complete the tasks ahead of them. Whatever question you chose to ask yourself, ensure it is in line with the requirements you propose for the team. Focus on what you want them to achieve before you commence asking them questions, the master of asking proper questions is in line with proper agile training for a successful endeavor.

3. Don’t show up

If your daily Scrum meeting has changed focus to become a status report for the ScrumMaster, ensure you take some few days off the road. Instead of reporting directly to you, ensure the team reports success to one another in the team. Stepping outside the circle or avoiding eye contact are some of the less dramatic ways of having the same ripple effect. However, it is often necessary t engage drama to have things shook for awakening the sleeping team members.

4. Don’t Talk

If you are not always taking the sprint tasks, you don’t need to answer any questions regarding the tasks at hand. Sprinting is not in the scope of what you need to talk about if you are not engaged in success. During the daily, ensure you never talk at all by emphasizing that. When necessary, you can use the non-verbal communication. However, always keep your mouth shut.

5. Use a Parking Lot

Many other things can also be discussed during morning hours even if they are lengthy for a discussion at the daily Scrum meetings. To capture some of these topics, you can use the parking lot. Moreover, you can address them after the scrum is over. Moreover, you can also allow the team members add to the items to be talked about during these sessions.

6. Stand

While it is not necessary to stand to have a high-energy, short meeting, it is often helpful. If your team starts sitting, for over 15 minutes, it is time to stand again. Set the example by not sitting for the entire time during the meeting. Also, ask some team members to do the same.