5 Essential Tips to Survive Kidnapping

5 Essential Tips to Survive Kidnapping

According to Havocscope, kidnappers who are currently in Mexico earns more than $50 million per year. The numbers are astonishing and very disappointing, because in our world today, this type of scheme never ends.

Let’s face it; there are no more places here on Earth which is safe. Whether you are at home, office or on a golf course, you can be a victim of kidnapping. The worst part of it is if these bad guys plan to get money from your relatives in exchange for your life. What should we do when this time comes? Is there any chance of escape? Or we just go with the flow?

Be attentive

It is essential for you to be calm on the day where the kidnapping happens. Being focused on the surroundings can help you where did they put you. If you have guts to do this, do count the number of turns, even the length before the car turns because it can be your advantage whenever you have plans for escape.

Take Lessons

You do not need to experience being kidnapped before you make a move. There are a lot of online courses on the internet and even in onsite which can help you to start. Organizations in America began the campaign where they require females to attend self-defense classes. However, you must take in mind that it is more important to be cautious because no matter how strong are you, in a single shot or a single thrust, you can die.

Escape is not always the best option

Sometimes, we do not agree to kidnapper deals, which opted us always to attempt an escape. The person’s life is at stake when these bad guys find out about what happened, and they manage to chase you, the worst thing you might experience is death. According to CSS, outsmarting the kidnapper is one of the three options of the victim, and it is not necessarily about tricky moves or stuff.

Establish connections

According to WikiHow, it is essential to know the personality and the physical characteristics of the kidnapper. These type of bad guys are one of the most easily irritated persons on the earth that is why it is essential to be calm most of the time and think. Try to have friends with them is a good option because you are fully cooperating with them and there will be no conflict at all.

However, if they got annoyed, they might know what your real motive is. Just like when you are seeking for a relationship, it is essential to take it slowly, and when the rescue operation starts or a big opportunity comes, you can escape quickly.

Once you successfully break out, call criminal lawyers corpus christi or any nearest law firms so that you can defend yourself if someone accuses you of a being the criminal.

Rescue operations are the worst.

It is the most dangerous part of the hostage process where sometimes it can be bloody and sometimes it can end in a peaceful process. It is crucial for you to pay attention of what the rescuers or the police officers ask you to do. It happens most of the time that the kidnapper disguises as a victim, that is why officer sometimes shoot the foot of the person so that they can verify all these claims.