A Day in the Life of a Coffee Mug

     To some, a coffee mug is simply a vessel for hot liquids. Something they fill and refill without much thought, maybe washing it once in a while to remove the tea or coffee stains. To others, the caffeine faithful as we like to call them, a coffee mug is much more than that. It is their life’s blood in the morning or whenever they need a pick me up. A coffee mug is a vessel for all manner of hot drinks that can be used to get them through the day and still be ready in the morning for more.

     Whichever crowd you fall into, the coffee mug still doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves. After all, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it goes wherever you go without complaint. Let’s give the coffee cup some respect and see just what it goes through in an average day.

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The Average Day for a Promotional Mug

     In the morning, most coffee cups are filled with hot coffee or tea and out the door they go, off to work or on a shopping trip. It sees many people as it is filled again at the local café and then again on the subway, bus or your morning commute on foot. Once you arrive at the office, even more people see your favourite mug as it sits in its designated spot on your desk or in front of you as you attend meetings all day. If your day includes shopping instead of work, your mug may see even more people in the shopping malls and retail shops.

     Then, it off to home either after work or shopping where your coffee mug gets more exposure and more people see it on the bus, subway or your walk. Maybe you stop in at your favourite café and have it refilled before heading home. Throughout the average day, hundreds of people might see your coffee mug and if it has a logo or message imprinted on it, they will see that as well.

     The point I am trying to make is that wherever a promotional coffee mug goes, so does your message or business advertising. If you are a small business, this is a perfect way to get the message out and reach as many people as possible. All from just one promotional mug.

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