Chatbots And Digital Marketing

Chatbots And Digital Marketing

The existence of bots goes back more than fifty years ago, when Alan Turing, one of the parents of computing, laid the foundations that allowed the development of many of today’s technologies, including artificial intelligence. This is what has allowed the existence of modern chatbots, whose use is spreading for multiple purposes and in different types of sectors, including digital marketing.

Advantages Of Chatbots From Digital Marketing

Although many companies are reluctant to use chatbots, these technologies provide various benefits. The new conversational model based on the dialogue between machine and human is advantageous for both companies and users.

First of all, chatbots allow improving customer service due, among other things, to the fact that they can assist 24 hours a day. Also, we must bear in mind that more and more people prefer not to have to resort to telephone calls, which makes these systems ideal methods for this type of user.

Being based on artificial intelligence, chatbots can learn through different conversations, which allows them to be perfected more and more. Also, since they can collect different behaviors and get to know the users in-depth, they can provide very personalized attention.

Since these tools are often integrated with social networks, they can quickly obtain information about different clients. This implies that the chatbot can be more effective in answering and can even make suggestions based on the preferences of each person. These platforms can send messages to publicize products, services, and content that match the interests of each user.

Due to this, the relationship between the company and the client is strengthened, which generates a higher level of engagement and can help to build loyalty. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the brand image, making its values ​​known.

On the other hand, chatbots can send welcome messages to new users who arrive on the website via SEO services (บริการ seo, which is the term in Thai), which can lead to a higher number of interactions and can improve lead capture.

Of course, all the advantages mentioned above lead to the maximization of the funnel and the increase in sales. And all this with a minimal investment.

As you can see, incorporating a chatbot can have a very favorable impact on your digital marketing strategy. Remember that many large companies have already opted to include these tools successfully, such as Apple, Microsoft, Disney, or Starbucks, among many others.