Digital Vehicle Inspections to Boost Your Business by Tekmetric

Digital Vehicle Inspections to Boost Your Business by Tekmetric

Tekmetric brings you easy digital vehicle inspections

Tekmetric has made creating estimates and work orders a much easier task. With digital vehicle inspections, you’ll be able to electronically record all information on a tablet or smartphone. A major benefit to this method is that you’re able to store all your customer’s information in one place. Your technicians’ work will also improve as the method is much faster than having to use multiple sources to create a quote. No more running back and forth just to price a job. Tekmetric is able to upload photos for your customers. This helps when trying to explain the necessity of a repair. Canned jobs are able to be stored as well. Custom jobs and labor charges are also integrated. The system is compatible with other applications like Carfax. Tekmetric’s digital vehicle inspections make your technicians much more efficient so you’ll be able to book more jobs.

Tekmetric’s digital vehicle inspections save you money

Tekmetric’s shop management system integrates all aspects of the business into one convenient package. You won’t have to spend money on forms. Inventory, OEM parts information, vendor information, and job profitability are all made available instantly. You’ll be able to automatically update your inventory and even receive reminders when you are running low on parts. You can run reports to see exactly how your shop is doing. Since Tekmetric has text messaging capabilities, you’ll instantly be able to get in touch with and make their information available online. This is becoming an increasingly necessary feature as customers demand more information. Your customer can access their profile and see the repair history. This also helps customers to prioritize repairs. Scheduling features help keep your shop busy without downtime. Having everything all in one place is a huge benefit to most shop owners.

Tekmetric gives you unlimited access and security features

With Tekmetric, you’ll be able to use the system as much as you’d like, and store as much information as you’d like. SSL encryption ensures that all information is safe and secure. Since all that’s needed is a wireless connection, you won’t have to worry about backing up data or maintaining server hardware. If you own more than one shop, you’ll be able to access all of them with a single login. You can access Tekmetric from anywhere in the world with its web-based platform. Your customers will also appreciate that their information isn’t able to be compromised.

Tekmetric offers you a free trial

Tekmetric knows that you’ll benefit from their shop management system. They’ll give you early access and a free trial for the rest of 2018. You’ll be able to use the digital vehicle inspection feature and all of the other features. A free in-shop demonstration is a perfect way to become familiarized with Tekmetric. The representative will walk you through the program and even help you set it up. You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly how Tekmetric will save you time and money. The Tekmetric website provides a great deal of information about the product and the free trial. You’ll be able to schedule your free demonstration right on the website. Simply visit and schedule your free demonstration, today.