Go Digital With Check Scanning

Go Digital With Check Scanning

Checks are still a popular mode of payment used by several individuals and companies. So if you are a customer who is receiving cheques in payment, then it means you have to make a visit to a bank for depositing the check. If you are a bank then it means your teller has to spend extra time on getting cheques validated for authenticity and then getting them deposited.

Panini check scanners can help you address all these problems and also deliver a few extra benefits worth considering. The digital scanners can do more for you by streamlining your operations and improving productivity.

Superior Technology at Lower Cost of Ownership

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Digital check scanners come with core competencies of accurate MICR code reading, better quality image capture, and smooth document handling. And all of this comes at a fraction of a cost which decreases total cost of owning the scanner.

Complementary Functionalities

You can upgrade the scanner’s processing features with better scanning abilities and other multi-functional modules. This can improve the teller image capture of the checks. The features are also easy to scale which means it can be used for high volume or checks as well as low volume. It doesn’t matter.

Ease of Maintenance

The simplified mechanics of the high value model means the need for maintenance is less and the maintenance is easy. This leads to increased cost savings in the long run.

Auto Information Capture and Storage

The mechanism of the scanner quickly reads and saves the data from the check. The information gets digital stored in a more organized database and can be retrieved whenever needed. Digital storage also means that you can create multiple backups for the same. You don’t need to maintain cabinets full of files that contain information of the cheques.