Important facts you shall know about Data Entry projects

Important facts you shall know about Data Entry projects

We have recently added a new category to our already extensive list called data entry jobs. If you have already noticed their existence, you probably have some questions related to it. If you want to know more about the subject, about its advantages and disadvantages, about how to be successful with these projects or if you are just curious, you are in the right place. Here, we want to explain everything you need to know about the data entry jobs.

What is the data entry or insertion of data?

Many of you will wonder what exactly this type of project consists of. Well, data entry jobs describes the act of entering information in an electronic form with a word processor or specific software for data processing. An example of the latter could be a program in the Microsoft Office package.

Within the data entry jobs category, we could find two types of projects:

The direct data entry (straight data entry) usually includes the transfer of information in text form to another database. The text in question could include names, addresses, numbers, and other similar information. These types of projects require a good eye for detail and be able to write quickly and correctly.

The transcripts (Transcript data entry) differ from the previous category by the fact that the information provided will not necessarily be a text. They are also frequent videos, audio, or a conversation that takes place at that time. This type of work will push your skills to the limit. Especially, since it is often about medical, legal or very specific terms.

Advantages and disadvantages of working in data entry jobs

Once the meaning of the term has been clarified, we analyze the pros and cons of this type of project. First, they are projects that do not normally require additional skills to type quickly and without errors. In addition, they tend to be flexible projects that allow you to decide when to get the job done. It is increasingly possible to find more projects of this type since processing information manually can be a very slow process and this makes many companies choose to outsource this type of work. In addition, most projects can be done from home and working from home is a great advantage. In short, it is a simple and fast work if you are looking for extra income as a freelancer.