Top 5 Reasons People Change Their Names

Top 5 Reasons People Change Their Names

A name of a person is the basic aspect of identity that you have. This is what makes you different from others, as well. You are supposed to have a unique name, and this is supposed to be defining you before people. You have all the right to have a name that you wish to have. This is the reason that the government allows you to have the name of your own choice. You are given a name when you don’t have the choice to select a name for yourself. You are given a name at birth. However, when you are old enough and can make decisions for yourself, you can change your name.

Why Would a Person Want to Change Their Name?

There are several reasons as to why a person may want to change his/her name. For instance, a husband may wish to take up the name of his wife at the time of marriage. Similar things happen when the wife wishes to take up the name of her husband. Then again, the husband and wife may even join their surnames and form a new one. This is a similar case when a person wants to change their name due to ethnic reasons. The person may want to have a more ethnic name or vice versa.

The aspect of name change is something that is becoming common in modern times. A person may also change his or her name due to entertainment reasons. However, you should think about it as this is a big decision to make. The person may also want to make a political statement or a religious statement. Changing one’s name is a crucial step and should be done with proper thought given into it. Here are some of the top five reasons as to why a person wishes to change his or her name.

1) Dislike of Current Name – When a person dislikes his or her name that is currently given to them, they have the right to change their name. This is one of the most common reasons to change names and is practiced widely in modern times.

2) Name Change after Divorce – After divorce, a person may wish to have their maiden name back. They may have changed their surname at the time of marriage. Since the marriage didn’t work, they usually change their names back to what it was before the marriage. Similarly, the change of names after marriages is also common.

3) Transgender Name Change – Transgender people usually request to change their names to reflect their gender. This is usually done in a manner where their current names’ masculine or feminine version is adopted. They often even completely change their entire name as well. This is also common from time to time.

4) Religious Reasons – People often change their names due to religious reasons as well. This is another common thing and is adopted pretty often. When a person wants to make a statement regarding their religion, they may wish to change their name. A person has been noted to even change their name to One Nation Under God from Steve Kreuscher to make a statement.

5) Political Statement – Political reason is another top reason as to why a person changes his or her name. This is to make a political statement and helps the person to fulfill his or her political agenda. This is another common reason why people change their names. A person was noted to have changed their name to Pro-Life due to his political agenda.

These are the most popular reasons as to why they usually want to change their names. These top five reasons are the common ones that come up when a person changes his or her name.