Stair Lifts Vs Lifts for the home

Stair Lifts Vs Lifts for the home

When it comes to installing a disabled stair lift, there are countless benefits, as there are with the installation of lifts for the home. Level Access Lifts is a supplier of various types of lifts, including platform lifts, open vertical lifts and inclined lifts but most importantly, they provide those with disabilities with an ideal solution for safe transportation.

The wheelchair stair lift is suitable for those who have limited mobility or find it difficult to negotiate stairs. The simple installation of a wheelchair lift for the home is effective, making it easier to access various levels.

Choosing a lift that’s practical for wheelchair users needn’t be difficult, it simply requires careful consideration to ensure that you choose the most appropriate solution. Carefully weigh up your options before you make a decision on impulse!


So, if you like to keep things simple and stick to what you know best, you’ll want to consider installing a disabled stair lift. The design of the stair lift has been around for many years and has been modified ever so slightly.

When it comes to the lifts for the home, these are more innovative and modern than the stair lifts, they can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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Both, the wheelchair stair lift and the wheelchair lift for home are designed to use space effectively. A stairlift is perfect if you have limited space within your home, it can be installed to operate alongside your stairs- making it more convenient.

However, if you have some free space in your home, why not consider the installation of one of Level Access Lifts wheelchair lifts? The wheelchair lift for home has been consciously designed to suit different sized buildings and although it takes up more space than the stair lift, it can provide you with a practical way and means for travelling between the ground floor and the first floor.


In terms of comfort, there’s only one real winner! The lifts for the home are designed with your needs in mind. Not only do they allow you to retain your dignity and independence, they are considerably more comfortable and spacious.

The lifts for the home are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to reach various levels, without the need to climb in and out of your wheelchair!


A sense of freedom can be achieved throughout the simple installation of a wheelchair stair lift from Level Access Lifts. The team at Level Access Lifts don’t only supply standard wheelchair access lifts and stair lifts, they also provide a wide range of alternatives that are tailored to suit your individual requirements more specifically.

From Level Access Lifts, the StairTrac seated stair lift is just one of the alternative heavy duty lifts available to customers who have disabilities. This type of disabled stair lift is ideal for those who no longer want to be dependent on friends and families but to restore their independence.


The addition of a wheelchair stair lift is a smart investment to make when it comes to updating your property to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities.

If you’re looking to add style to your home yet make it more functional, choose one of the lifts from Level Access Lifts today! The disabled stair lift and wheelchair lift for home are both designed to add value to your home making it more sophisticated and efficient.

With the Level Access Lifts, you can expect them to operate quietly and to provide smooth, reliable transportation between the upstairs and downstairs.

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