The Essential Mobile Coffee Truck Equipment

The Essential Mobile Coffee Truck Equipment

Opening a mobile coffee truck business can be a viable option for those with a culinary background. There are a few things you need to consider before you look for a mobile coffee trikes for sale or write a business plan. After going through the preliminary steps such as drafting a business plan, find a location, and finding a reliable source of funding, you need to purchase coffee truck equipment. Investing in high-quality coffee truck equipment helps you increase your return on investment. The equipment will help you prepare flavored coffee drinks that encourage customers to come back for more.

Essential Equipment in a Coffee Truck

Espresso Machine

Espresso coffee machine is the most important coffee truck equipment. People love flavored coffee. They want espresso-based coffee drinks such as mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes. These beverages will help drive your revenues. Look for a new espresso machine and make sure you understand how it operates.

Espresso Coffee Grinder

For your espresso machine to work efficiently, you need to grind your coffee beans properly. Grinding coffee beans increases the surface area. That helps expose the soluble particles and oils that give your cup of distinctive coffee flavor. Your grinds should have a consistent size for you to produce a delicious flavor. Espresso coffee grinders will help you produce fine grinds required for your espresso machine to work efficiently. You need at least two espresso coffee grinders.

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Flavored coffee will help drive your revenues. However, don’t forget the coffee consumers who are looking for plain, black coffee. You will need at least two commercial coffee grinders if you want to serve both flavored and plain coffees. You will use one for flavored coffee, and the other one for plain coffee. Traces of flavorings such as chocolate and vanilla will transfer to your regular blend if you use the same grinder for flavored and plain coffees.

Commercial Blender

A high-quality, commercial blender will help you prepare espresso drinks and frozen coffee.


You need to place a refrigerator next to your espresso machine. You can use a separate refrigerator to store your extra milk.

NSF Certification

Your local Board of Health must inspect you before opening a mobile coffee truck. The board is likely to examine the quality of your equipment before issuing you a permit. As such, you will need the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified coffee truck equipment. The NSF was founded in 1994 to create and enforce safety and sanitation standards. Every equipment designed for mobile coffee truck business should be NSF certified. However, most coffee equipment made for office and home use aren’t NSF certified.

Factors to Consider

  • Water

Water makes up 98 percent of a cup coffee. Therefore, the quality of water is a critical consideration. Water with a high mineral content can easily damage your coffee grinder and espresso machine. A filtration system can help you reduce the mineral content in your water.

  • Milk

You may be required to keep several kinds of milk. You will need whole milk for preparing latte. However, you can’t froth, as is required for cappuccino.