What type of Acoustics are used in a school?

What type of Acoustics are used in a school?

Needless to say, schools are susceptible to immense volumes, whether it be musical instruments or other noisy equipment, the team at Inspired Noise may have just the solution, waiting for you…

Inspired Noise are your go-to provider of the high-performance acoustics, they have an extensive selection of products available for you to choose from or theycan provide you with a unique solution, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable!

Consider the following, supplied by Inspired Noise:


In schools, the sound waves bounce off the walls when they are installed correctly, this prevents the spread of any unwanted noise. A sound absorbing material will prevent any vibrations and ultimately eliminate the occurrence of echoes.

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When it comes to transforming the school into something more innovative and practical, you cannot beat the range of sound absorbing materials available from Inspired Noise. You’ll be pleased to hear that this acoustic has the ability to enhance design and quality too.

For outdoor facilities, you will want to invest in the acoustic absorbers, these will allow you to restrict the volume of outdoor chillers, for instance, preventing students from being distracted!

Acoustic Wall Panels.

If you want to reduce sound within your school, consider installing acoustic wall panels! The acoustic wall panels are designed to eliminate any unwanted sounds too. Inspired Noise supply the acoustic wall panels to offer a high level of noise reduction, allowing volumes to be kept to a minimum within the school environment.

With the acoustic wall panels, you can rest assured that they are easy to install, ensuring there is no disruption to the school day!

A music room can generate large volumes, consider the acoustic wall panels to provide minimal disturbance and disruption to other ongoing lessons.

Acoustic Ceiling Hangers.

Choosing high performing acoustics for a school has never been easier, than it is at Inspired Noise! Inspired Noise supply the acoustic ceiling hangers to provide additional support for any plasterboard ceiling and sound insulation for the entire room.

You’ll find an array of acoustic ceiling hangers from Inspired Noise, these include the spring ceiling hangers and the isolation pad hangers.

Spring ceiling hangers are high-performance acoustics which are used to effectively isolate plasterboard ceilings. These acoustic ceiling hangers are best suited to low-frequency requirements whereas the isolation pad hangers are designed for high-frequencies. The isolation pad hangers are considered to be the most economical and are ideal for tiled and plasterboard ceilings.

Within the school, the acoustic ceiling hangers can be installed to soundproof classrooms and gym facilities, ensuring that communication is clear.

Acoustic Reflector.

To improve the sound insulation of a school, an acoustic reflector is ideal. The sound is reflected from the ceiling and therefore, ensures that it is distributed effectively.

For rooms that are used for speech and presentations, the acoustic reflector can enhance the transfer of sound, ensuring that it’s effective! This type of acoustic insulation is best installed to auditoriums or lecture halls where sounds have to fill the entire room but not to disturb surrounding classrooms.

The performing arts department is another example of where the acoustic reflector could be applied, this will allow sounds to be broken up and will ensure that sounds are projected to the back of the room- for everyone to hear!

Do you need to know more about which sound absorbing material is right for you? Discuss your needs with one of the experts from Inspired Noise, simply call them on 0151 677 8650 today!