How to use Pipe Clamps?

How to use Pipe Clamps?

Depending on the pipework that you have within your business or industry, the pipe clamps supplied by Stauff Anglia are easy to use. There are countless pipe clamps in stock at Stauff Anglia so you needn’t worry about being spoilt for choice!

With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, the stauff clamp is guaranteed to come in handy for applications that require additional stability and security. Pipe clamps are considered to be the least expensive products in their calibre, ensuring you receive the best value for money.


The stauff clamps from Stauff Anglia have numerous uses within industries, including food and drink, pharmaceuticals, woodwork and many more. Regardless of which industry you’re based in, Stauff Anglia supply the stauff clamp to suit an array of needs and wants, making it easier for you to find pipe clamps that not only suit your requirements but make it more convenient for you!

The main purpose of the stauff pipe clamps is to spread out any pressures and to make the working environment safer, reducing the risk of any potential injuries.

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If you’re wondering how to use the pipe clamps from Stauff Anglia, here’s how to get the most out of the equipment…

Alternate clamps.

When installing your pipe clamps, you need there to be a balance between the areas of high pressure and areas of low pressure. By alternating the stauff clamp, you can make the clamping pressure even and sturdy.

Prevent bowing.

It’s only right that you want your stauff clamps to last, otherwise, they won’t have been a worthy investment! Stauff Anglia supplies the pipe clamps to suit any size and any material, ensuring that you find products that suit your industrial requirements specifically. The stauff pipe clamps can often hold heavy materials in place securely, preventing any movement.

Work benches.

The stauff clamp can be fitted to work benches to make it significantly easier for you to apply pressure to your products and equipment.

As well as this, the stauff pipe clamp is ideal if you need to improve the efficiency of your business, the stauff clamps don’t only make bench desks more reliable and sturdy, they can also make them look more professional and complete.

Suspend cold pipes.

When you need to update your pipes, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider; including the need for pipe clamps from Stauff Anglia. These can suspend pipes to ensure that they convey fluids and other materials to the desired location, effectively. An example of these would be the Heavy Saddles supplied by Stauff Anglia, they’re available in an assortment of sizes, guaranteeing a perfect fit for the pipes within your industry.

Prevent pipe movement.

The last thing you want for your pipes is for them to move. You need them to be secure and to remain in one place, without falling or losing quality, hence where Stauff Anglia’s pipe clamps come in. These are a simple addition to make but make a complete difference to the accuracy of pipe transfer, they provide stability and support to various pipes, ensuring that material is conveyed efficiently.

Preventing pipe movement has never been easier, it can be suited to your stylish needs and wants so be sure to find something that matches your exact standards, find out more about the stauff pipe clamps from Stauff Anglia today!