What can polycarbonate domes do for my business?

What can polycarbonate domes do for my business?

Polycarbonate domes have a range of applications in business and engineering, thanks to their incredible strength and durability, their versatile applications and their transparency. With uses ranging from display units to security panelling and from playgrounds to riot gear, polycarbonate domes may be exactly the component that your business is looking for!

Uses for polycarbonate domes in business, retail, industry and security include, but are by no means limited to:

Retail Displays

How many times have you seen the wares at a jewellers, parfumiers or cosmetics department being advertised beneath a stylish, crystal-clear plastic dome? In every case, these displays were polycarbonate domes like those manufactured by Talbot Designs. A polycarbonate dome in this case is the perfect solution to retail display as it provides perfect visibility of the items being advertised, while also preventing direct interaction with the delicate display. The barrier provided by the polycarbonate dome protects the wares being shown, without concealing them at all.

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Children’s playgrounds are safer today than they have ever been in the past, and a considerable piece of that safety comes from the widespread use of polycarbonate domes as safety guards on playframes and play houses.

Transparent enough to see clearly out of, a polycarbonate dome is almost indestructible and so will not be damaged or fail when children hit it, knock into it or throw their weight against it. By providing a thrilling vantage point high up on a playframe, but combining it with complete safety, a polycarbonate dome can help to make a playground a safer, more fun place!

Riot Protection

The iconic clear plastic shields used by police officers to protect themselves during a riot or large-scale disturbance are most commonly made from polycarbonate. An extremely durable, hard-wearing and transparent material, polycarbonate is still light enough to be made into easily-carried shields with large surface areas, providing the maximum protection for the minimum weight and conserving the energy of officers.

The transparency of the material again comes into play with police defensive equipment, as the clear shields do not obstruct the vision of the wielder, ensuring good situational awareness without creating any weak spots in the protection.


When a piece of art or a historical artefact must be displayed, it must be visible to its viewers while remaining protected against them. An old or valuable piece can be damaged by even the gentlest touch or change in temperature or humidity, so some combination of physical protection and visibility must be ensured. If you’ve been paying attention so far in the article, you’ll probably have an inkling about how this balance can be struck; whether such a material exists that can provide transparency and protection.

Of course, there is, and that material is polycarbonate. A polycarbonate dome or casing is the perfect way to display a valuable or delicate object without endangering it.

For more information on polycarbonate domes and how they can help you in any aspect of retail, security and engineering, call Talbot Designs today on 020 8346 8515. The experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you find a polycarbonate dome to suit your needs.