Reasons to Always Read your Pay stubs

Reasons to Always Read your Pay stubs

It is very easy to get into the mode of trusting that your paychecks are correct. While it is good to trust your place of employment and feel comfortable that they are being honest, it is still a really good idea to check that you pay stubs are correct.

You employers would not mean to make an error on your paycheck and neither did the program, such as Check Stub Maker, that they are using. Mistakes are made, and they often go unnoticed because people are not double checking their pay stubs. The information on your pay stub is simple, but can easily catch any errors that may be being made on the payroll. You should always double check your pay stub and these are the reasons.

Time Worked

You would be surprised about how many times there are errors made regarding the number of hours you work. You may be thinking that it doesn’t matter if you are salaried employee but it actually still does matter. You want to be sure that all of the hours you work are logged correctly in case you need them to defend yourself in the future or have your paycheck adjusted.

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If you receive benefits from your employer, you likely are given paid time off throughout the year. If you take a paid day off, you want to be sure that the money that should be applied by using the time off is applied to your check and is accounted for on your pay stubs. You should also keep track of how many paid days off that you have use and how many you have remaining throughout the year. Having this information marked down, and the proof that is accumulated on your check stubs can help you and your employer work through any discrepancies that you find later down the road.


About the only control you have of the taxes that are taken out of your check is to double check the information on your pay stubs. The government is going to take taxes from you at some point, but just as any other agency, errors are going to be made. You can double check the amount of tax money that is going to be taken out of your check by looking through the information on your check sub. If you feel there has been an error made you need to bring it up with your accounting department or your human relations department. They should be able to quickly go over your check stub with you and determine if they need to make adjustments.

Pay stubs are an important part of business and your money. You should not ignore your pay stubs. Checking over your pay stubs makes you a responsible person. You should not feel guilty about going to your employer if you find an error. They give you check stubs so you can see what is being taken out of your check. Your employer wants you to be aware of what you are receiving.